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Amihan Bartkowska

Amihan Stefania Bartkowska is the half-blood daughter of daimon Ilya Bartkowski, the 175th General of the Astyme Army, and human Anastazja Bartkowska, who is originally Princess Stefania Kostrzewska of Ycalus. Unaware of her lineage, she considered her ability to be a Lumen (a combination of her father being a Nomos and her mother being an Ustrina) a coincidence and a miracle, making her one of the most powerful czata who have ever lived and the only one known since a hundred years ago. Read more »

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I am afraid. She's like some wild rose... the same flowers that my father warned me never to touch. He told me that I was meant to watch beauty from afar, and I didn't know why. And now that I see her... and know what I can do... I finally understand what he meant by those words. I am afraid that her, a fragile and beautiful one, will be tainted and broken by these bloody hands of mine. I am afraid that like the life of that flower, she'll wilt under my touch.

The Dark Lord to Hersten Svensson, The Departed Souls

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